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I´m not only a photographer

I`m also a sawmill owner to be, maybe. The last couple of day have been spent building our new sawmill. 20 boxes and 1000 part to put together. I had a plan but Schenkers slow delivery and two days of storm have put me behind […]

Every time I

come to Barcelona I come with a thunderstorm. Today no exeption. Don’t know if it’s me don’t wanna come unnoticed or if it’s god sending out a message. But here I’m for 11 days, like it or not but I gonna stay;) /c

Packing my things

for a trip to Barcelona, just the essentials;) /c

A book

a glass of wine and a sunny evening at home. Life can be hard but not today;) /c


is very satisfying, sadly enough I don´t do it that often. But holding a print in my hand are so special. Thats the ultimate way to experience photography. I have seen many photos by big names on the web and in books but it´s first […]

In need

of new wallpaper? My kitchen are still under construction and old wallpaper fashion are reviled. From Black with gold to bright blue, fashion changes during a couple of hundred years. /c

Behind the scene

at Santas place. Well, maybe not Santa more like my place. Have a hard time working with reflexions, glass are tricky. You can´t hide anything and ever failure become very obvious. Even this is a work in progress so if I´m stubborn enough my customers […]