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My new office

got a small shooting space for minor tabletop work. No big productions but a place to works some stilleben out. Have to do something about the light, that a hard part. Not only for this little table, in general light are an art form in […]


film are not the most predictable. It has an esthetic charm to it with muted colors but there is no way to know beforehand what you will get. And of course thats one part och the charm. This is Fuji FP-100C expired in 2009 and […]

They did put some effort

in to books 200 years ago. At least some of them. /c


all day long. /c


and tomorrow I will stand waiting for an doctors appointment, first one in five years. Hope I will pass the test. /c  


on a piece of film. /c


hunting with Hugo! /c

I´m in need

of a haircut, it could be worse but when you need it you need it. But now it´s game time , Sweden vs France. Another historic game. /c


have a picture search feature where you can search and see if and where your pictures are present on the web. Nice, so I tried with one of my black and whites. And yeah that search engine really did it, but who the hell is […]

Going through

some memories. Seems far but it will soon be that time of year again. /c