Arkiv (månadsvis): april 2014

Good ending

of april shooting for Wictoria at Intro Inred, always a creative blast. /c

Some days

feels more out of tone then other. Almost ran over a cat, stupid animal playing chicken with a truck. /c

Stepping up



once again: /c


and a lot of work home preparing for the winter, it´s a classic. Thats the way out on the country side, wood for heating have to dry before we can use it. /c

One of many

pictures of Gothenburg and the icons of the city. I kind of like navigating around in the picture, things turn up where you leas expect it. /c

I have been

in places where they parked the Harley behind the sofa, a board will have it´s own place. /c


for the sky. /c

To start

the week after a long weekend can be hard. /c


they came. Today I did see three flying in formation. /c