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My new office

got a small shooting space for minor tabletop work. No big productions but a place to works some stilleben out. Have to do something about the light, that a hard part. Not only for this little table, in general light are an art form in […]


all day long. /c


and tomorrow I will stand waiting for an doctors appointment, first one in five years. Hope I will pass the test. /c  


on a piece of film. /c


hunting with Hugo! /c

I´m in need

of a haircut, it could be worse but when you need it you need it. But now it´s game time , Sweden vs France. Another historic game. /c


have a picture search feature where you can search and see if and where your pictures are present on the web. Nice, so I tried with one of my black and whites. And yeah that search engine really did it, but who the hell is […]

Going through

some memories. Seems far but it will soon be that time of year again. /c


sunday. /c

Can´t get

enough of monochrome tonality. I´m not much of a flower guy but the beauty in simplicity are there so I just enjoy myself with it. /c