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Bent and sharp

or sharp bend. /c

The scent

of this one makes me feel good every time. When I run in to it in the city the contrast are even bigger. /c

Home from a trip

to Copenhagen. Nice town for a bicycle ride. /c

The cliffs

at Mollösund was todays destination. Nice to walk around in the sun looking for some picture that will reflect the mood I was in. If I like it, others will I hope. /c


film are not the most predictable. It has an esthetic charm to it with muted colors but there is no way to know beforehand what you will get. And of course thats one part och the charm. This is Fuji FP-100C expired in 2009 and […]


and tomorrow I will stand waiting for an doctors appointment, first one in five years. Hope I will pass the test. /c  


on a piece of film. /c

That time of year

when UPS take a trip to Gunnared with a new computer. My D800 makes massive 36MP files and my MacBookPro have a hard time handle it in the speed I need. It have to go fast so I don´t have to spend every night editing. […]

Can´t get

enough of monochrome tonality. I´m not much of a flower guy but the beauty in simplicity are there so I just enjoy myself with it. /c

A bit

softer today, two days with stones and now a soft flower. This to are from the weekend develop. /c