Arkiv (månadsvis): juni 2014

If you repeat

something enough it may be the truth. I will try it out. /c

And sunday

with a wall size  recipe. /c




for the first time this week. /c

Customers are calling

from both left and right, no vacation this summer either. /c

In the middle of the summer

but some fire can´t be wrong. /c

Some times old things

reveal beauty some times not. When it does it can be with class and other times worn to pieces. Both ways works for me. /c

1600 daily posts

was reach this weekend. Every day, seven days a week but I can´t see any reason to sit down for a rest so I just keep posting, today 1602. /c


and it´s time to prepare for a new week. I do that whit a pic in cooperation with Intro Inred. /c

Day after midsummer

and it´s time to edit some work that got left behind last week:) /c