Arkiv (månadsvis): december 2014

Lets wipe

2014 away to the past. It´s been a year with ups and downs, but as long as the ups are stronger then the downs there is hope. Happy New Year!! 2015 gonna rock! /c

The clock ticks

and soon are 2014 ended, one more breakfast to eat. /c

No flowers to Schenker today

Schenker must be Sweden worst transporter. They may be sheep but they take always extra long time to deliver, every time. I have never been surprised positively by them. I´m now waiting for our saw mill and when I look at the tracking can I […]

Another day in the woods

so I keep digging in the archive. /c

A day

spent with my kids, ATV and a chainsaw in the woods cutting and logging lumber in the snow to our new saw mill. It´s good to do other things then the daily job. /c

Another lazy

holiday and another kitchen picture. /c

Christmas day

and the stars are shining in the sky. /c

Merry Christmas


Time for a long rest

No planned work for over a week. That only happens at Christmas. /c  

Dec 22

and now is it only a couple of days until santa comes with the mill. /c