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game was one to remember. My two teams up against each other and winner goes on, loser goes home for the season. Good thing with so many friends are that I always know the winner and can be happy with them, bad thing are that […]

Ladies day

today and what could be better then a basketball game between Kvarnby and Mark. Only one thing matters in this fight, win or you are out. For me it was work, BT wanted me to cover it in pictures, one off the hardest games to […]

Yet another

day and a new game, or old game. This is one from the playoff erlier this week that I didn´t get time to edit. Pictures from the game Basketligan Dam Kvarnby-Visby. /c

New day

and new game. Today playoff in Basketligan Dam between Kvarnby and Udominate. /c


won when they played against Visby in the Basketligan Dam playoff today. Mark kept the distant the hole game but Visby never gave up. They have had a couple of lost game the last days, first Kvarnby and now Mark. It´s hard to leave the […]


to decide what direction to take and asking a girl have never helped me;) Basketball game today. Playoff in Basketligan Dam and the first game in the region between Mark and Kvarnby. Hard and tight but in the end did Mark manage to take a […]

Long time

since I was at a basketball game so I and Oliver went to Mölndal for Basketligan Kvarnby-Eos. I really like all the people  down there, always a smile and good energy. Got home with a lot of pictures, will put them up as soon as […]

I´m a skinny guy

and some days I feel extra skinny. But shit the same, I can live with it, at least until I die. Today it was game time in Basketligan Dam. Kvarnby against Solna and it was tight the hole time, Solna manage to take the win […]

Look at the scoreboard

was the last I heard from the girls. And yes, the only truth in sports are the scoreboard, most of all in basketball. There can only be one winner and  tonight it was Mark when they beet Sallén. The job for me was to deliver […]

Mycket basket

de sista dagarna. Idag var det Basketligan Dam mellan Mark och Udominate. Uppdragsgivaren var Borås Tidning och planen från start var att göra något på Amber i Mark. Så det blev en hel del på henne som man kan se bland bilderna. Vad som kommer […]