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Grattis prinsen

på brölloppsdagen. Det är ett långlopp och i vissa kurvor kan det bli svårt men du har tränat väl:) /c   

We got the fiber

up and running. Can’t complain on the speed. /c

Our house

fully dressed in winter from another angle. /c

I’m living in

a winterland. /c

First pile of wood

on it’s way to the mill. /c

Getting closer

It’s a lot of adjustments and then learning how to get the best out of a log. That’s what it’s all about, learning new thing. If you learn one new thing every day, be it a word or other simple things. In a year you […]

Light is back

but the internet are still down. Big birch over the cable. Tomorrow is a ordinary workday /c

One more storm

coming in. No internet until 16/1. It’s gonna be hard to deliver my job.

Today we vote

for the European Parlament. I hope we get a high % of voters no matter if they vote red, green or blue. Sorry to see that we have parties that stands for intolerance and stupidity, we would have a better Sweden and a better EU […]

Once again

it´s saturday. No more work for a week, x-mas in the middle of the week make it a long holiday. /c