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back to my own car. Habits are hard to break, did get a loaner while mine was at service. A small one, sitting close to the road are not what I´m use to, can’t see what happens in front of me and when a pickup […]

Pecha Mucho

SSF version of Pecha Kucha, today at Valand Academy i Guthenburg. Always fun to se what colleagues are up to:) /c

Like a dog

running in the streets in search for food. Thats how I feel it when I walk the streets, no destination just walking without a plan. It´s a good way if you got the time, at home there is always a lot of must do but […]

Some more

pictures from my last trip to Barcelona. It´s a big project and the scanner goes warm almost every day. Still got a bunch of films to develop so it will take some tim until I can see what I have. I used four different cameras […]


around. /c

A bit

worn out. /c

Washing up

by the window. Nice! /c

It was a bumpy ride

at todays shoot. Wind, rain and hail. A bit of snow and the day had been completed. /c

A storm

are coming in my direction, he got a big fan the man up there. Heavy winds and tomorrow I have a penthouse to shoot. 10 floors up right by the coastline. Wonder whats left for me;) /c

Packing my things

for a trip to Barcelona, just the essentials;) /c