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a first scan with the 9000ED and it turned out as expected, just love the ruff feeling of TriX. Started with VueScan for the first time and there are things to learn before I can get the most out of it. Work in progress:) /c

A pile of bricks

has it´s charm. /c

I have a lot

of film in the refrigerator ready for develop, 35, 120 and 4×5. The coming week seems to be a slow week that I can use to my analog photography, developing and scanning. It take both time and concentration so when I work as I use […]

I posted

this one, or a other version in color and from a Nikon D3s. This one are from a Voigtlander R2m rangefinder loaded with TriX 400, analog film if you don´t get it. I have always been a fan of monochrome black and white. When you […]