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Evening mist

at home. /c


when day turns to night. /c

Tulip bomb

and snowstorm, it´s a day with contrasts. /c

Back home

after a weekend staying at Hilton in Stockholm and walking around looking at photos. Got to see all the exhibitions I wanted and now my head are so  full of inspiration that it´s close to explosion. /c

Not so bad

4 0ut of 6, Brasil got 1 out of 8. Some times you have to put things in perspective. /c

New month

but tomorrow will I be back in the same town as last week. /c

At night

it´s a lot of color in Gothenburg harbor. /c

Can´t resist

got to put another blue one up today. /c

Ended yesterday

at a harbor in Gothenburg. Have a shoot there today but had to check out possibilities before hand. It´s all about being prepared and ready, someone said that luck favors the prepared and I don´t want to miss it;) /c  

With a lock

for the small ones. /c