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I have launched

another blog. On this site I´m soon up in 1400 posts, mixing my digital work with my analog. My new site are mostly for my analog life, and as I think that are in it´s peak moment the site will be found on peakmoment.se. As […]

A day at the museum

with my grandson. Fun and extra fun that he finds it interesting to. ALERT!!! The news are spreading. Fuji are going to discontinue the last Black&White packfilm, if this is true, and everything point in that direction there will be no more Fuji FP3000B. The Phoblographer […]


from the street art scene in Barcelona just before the random taggers hit the wall. Binty Bint and zems in a co op. Lots of color but for me it works in b&w as well. /c


coming up, things on the list and some creativity have to mix in the best way. /c


are everything, or as Henri Cartier-Bresson said, the decisive moment. If I had wait another millisec before pushing the shutter I would have been very pleased with this picture. Why show it if it´s not good`It´s my way of punishing my self;) /c


until late today. The blue light are there for 15 minutes and then it´s black. I hope I got it. /c

If you

say so. I like graffiti, a thing in constant change. Someone makes his art and then someone else make his or her over. Kind of a sport to catch the good ones. /c

The game

goes on. I´m happy to see my friends in Borås Basket taking one big W after an other. This year are already historic and it´s the first year I´m not with them taking photos. It´s better to lock me out of the court;) /c


a first scan with the 9000ED and it turned out as expected, just love the ruff feeling of TriX. Started with VueScan for the first time and there are things to learn before I can get the most out of it. Work in progress:) /c

Packing my things

for a trip to Barcelona, just the essentials;) /c