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When the road ended

there was only water and stone. /c

The cliffs

at Mollösund was todays destination. Nice to walk around in the sun looking for some picture that will reflect the mood I was in. If I like it, others will I hope. /c

Another pattern

this time man made. Talking about pattern. Today we had a nice gathering with relatives, dinner and talk.  When relatives come together there are also a pattern, same father and you can see the similarities, guess it´s the same if the mother are in common;) It […]

Anti Newton glass

on top of the film when scanning. I ordered some glass from Monochrom in Germany for some test. I´m not that keen on adding surfaces to the process but it can be hard to get 135 film flat enough. A first test scan showed that […]

The sky is the limit

Right? Don´t like to have neighbors to close. There is a place for everything. /c

A pattern

thats make me wanna come back with a larger format and a pile of loaded film holders. /c


lots of them in different shape and color. /c

A pile of bricks

has it´s charm. /c

A couple

of days of with family. Sitting down and have a good time. /c

Wall art

or another way of putting art on the wall. /c