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First assignment

was on the theme ”dining”, the rest was up to us. My plan was to get help from the stylist to set up the table but she went for lunch. I hate people who eat when they can work, haha 😉 I fixed it my […]

Packing my things

for a trip to Barcelona, just the essentials;) /c

My new office

got a small shooting space for minor tabletop work. No big productions but a place to works some stilleben out. Have to do something about the light, that a hard part. Not only for this little table, in general light are an art form in […]


are not easy to shoot. Every little mistake will show and there is always something that can be better, a little glare, a shine, to little dark bits or to much. Sometimes there must be a stop, put it away or present it for someone […]


will do just fine as a background. /c

Behind the scene

at Santas place. Well, maybe not Santa more like my place. Have a hard time working with reflexions, glass are tricky. You can´t hide anything and ever failure become very obvious. Even this is a work in progress so if I´m stubborn enough my customers […]