Arkiv (månadsvis): januari 2014

I park

my truck at Landvetter Airport, others park their ride behind the sofa. I think thats a good choice;) /c

With a map

in my pocket I will find my way. If the map are right or else destiny have to do it. /c

I keep on

posting from this cool place in Barcelona. One shoot tomorrow and then it´s time to board a plane to El Prat and Barcelona. /c

A couple of days

left and it´s time for another trip to Barcelona. This time a short one over the weekend, football and some walking around. I hope the weather are to our favor but it´s a 50/50 chans this time of year I think. /c

A view over Gothenburg

that helped my customers to a good deal. /c

Fruit and dirt

can make a good combination. /c


up your bathroom, somebody does. /c

No coats

today, it has to stop. /c

Another coat

it´s that kind of week I guess. /c

Dressing up