Day off

Lundin, Nordhemsgatan 16B GBG

and working on some projects, new walls in the workshop. Should be ready to install stuff and machinery coming weekend, everybody need a place for work. […]

Todays tulip

Lundin, Sannegårdsgatan 24 GBG

was placed in Gothenburg, they use to when it´s meant for me. Would not mind shooting in other places at the moment  /c GillaGilla Laddar...

New month

Lundin, Kaptensgatan 24A GBG

coming up. Always exited to see what comes with it. /c GillaGilla Laddar...


Lundin, Fjällgatan 3E GBG

when day turns to night. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Today is the day

Lundin, Örnehufvudsgata 3 GBG

/c GillaGilla Laddar...


Lundin, Örnehufvudsgata 3 GBG

on the wall. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

With a taste of Italy

Lundin, Fjällgatan 3E GBG

/c GillaGilla Laddar...

Staged for the last supper

Lundin, Johannebergsgatan 30 GBG

Just waiting for the guests, well not really. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Tulip bomb

Lundin, Guldpokalsgatan 4D GBG

and snowstorm, it´s a day with contrasts. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Old Cobra

Lundin, Dahlhemsgatan 10D Mölndal

can´t be wrong. /c GillaGilla Laddar...