I’m living in


a winterland. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

First pile of wood


on it’s way to the mill. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Never been there,

Lundin, Repslagaregatan 3 B GBG

always wanted. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Hanging around

Lundin, Såggatan 35 GBG

waiting for the fiber line to start feed internet @100mbs. It´s soon here. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Hats and shoes

Lundin, Repslagaregatan 3 B GBG

Annie Hillgren made my job more fun today. /c GillaGilla Laddar...


Lundin, Vaktmästaregången 6 GBG

and I got some office work off my to-do list. New week can begin. /c GillaGilla Laddar...


Lundin, Vaktmästaregången 6 GBG

and doing whats needed. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Weekend coming up

Lundin, Vaktmästaregången 6 GBG

/c GillaGilla Laddar...


Lundin, Dalheimersgatan 6 A GBG

and water, maybe I said it before but I think all people around the world have the same fashination for these two. We are more […]

It´s easy to

Lundin, Vaktmästaregången 6 GBG

spot the season from the decorators choice of flowers. /c GillaGilla Laddar...