Day off

Lundin, Klostergången 3 GBG

as a change. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Old meets new

Lundin, Arbetaregatan 20 GBG

at Lindholmen Gothenburg. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Coffey outside

Lundin, Arbetaregatan 20 GBG

it´s time for that now, let the birds sing. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Still time

Lundin, Fattabovägen 37 Bollebygd

for some fire inside. /c GillaGilla Laddar...


Lundin, Klostergången 3 GBG

remade it, from a tobacco infected room to a chic girls creative studio. Styling by Annie Hillgren. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Green accent

Lundin, Föraregatan 9 GBG

and yes, it´s decorated by Intro Inred. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Can´t stop

Lundin, Föraregatan 9 GBG

posting pics from Wictorias styling this week. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Another one

Lundin, Föraregatan 9 GBG

styled by Wictoria at Intro Inred. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Hour after hour

20150521 . Foto: Christian Johansson / papac

chasing something special but it was hard to find. All over town and every ware I stopped there was things uglifying my shots. Life is […]


Lundin, Föraregatan 9 GBG

by Wictoria at Intro Inred. c GillaGilla Laddar...