Lundin, Pärlstickaregatan 8 GBG

where the light had many colors and different. Not a good thing when you aiming for just one. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

And then

Lundin, Haråsgatan 11 GBG

there was some color put together by Annie Hillgren. /c GillaGilla Laddar...


Lundin, Göketorpsgatan 34A GBG

or at least a place for it. /c GillaGilla Laddar...



and I just pick one from the archive made for Intro Inred some time ago. /c GillaGilla Laddar...



and the light are almost gone in Sweden right now, the worst thing with that are all the low energy lights in the homes I […]


Lundin, Haråsgatan 11 GBG

and at an angel. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Don´t eat

Lundin, Haråsgatan 11 GBG

to fast. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Another view


from the hotel in Sthlm. /c GillaGilla Laddar...

Back home


after a weekend staying at Hilton in Stockholm and walking around looking at photos. Got to see all the exhibitions I wanted and now my […]

Bags packed in the car

Lundin, Göketorpsgatan 34A GBG

and some driving from Sthlm to Hajom. It´s a long way. /c GillaGilla Laddar...