Arkiv (månadsvis): juli 2013


easy and fun to work when Anna Bülow have been there before me. /c


lots of them in different shape and color. /c


on it! /c

A pile of bricks

has it´s charm. /c


from above. Thats the view Rasmus is going to have tonight. Coming home from Turkey and I will pick him up at the airport for a safe transportation the last part home to mommy. /c

Old meets the new

Today it´s football in Hajom. The young guys meet the old ones in a prestigious game, who wins and who goes home in shame? /c

Don´t mess up

the books was I told when I was a kid. We live in a new world, long live e-books, or not. /c


have come in my way a lot lately. /c


and magazine. /c


day after a weekend off. I bet the flow will come but not today, edit did take way to long. /c