Arkiv (månadsvis): december 2013

Maybe a bit worn

after another year but now we have a fresh new one in front of us to use the best we can. May all the warlords, bullies and dictators have the worst year ever, to the rest of us Happy new year!!! /c

Time to get dressed

tomorrow is the last party of 2013. /c


without sun is also a day. /c


and I got my morning coffee. The last couple of days have been lazy, lets see what can bee done with this one. /c



From white

and clean to a digital version of a bad wetplate. Funny how we today se the defects in old technices as style. When the wetplates was  new photographer did all the could not to get these defect. Time change and so do we, what we […]

Christmas day

and I have to go true the archive. /c

Merry Christmas

with a white room, outside it´s a rainstorm and no white christmas as every body hoped for. /c

More white

but the chances for a white christmas are very small. /c


and a few days before x-mass. Made a trip to the mall, not much action going on. Will do another tomorrow and see if there are any panic people climbing the walls. /c