Arkiv (månadsvis): november 2013




a time for rest and recovery, I hope so;) /c


a picture, thats all for today. /c

Got a new

plugin from Nik Software yesterday. Easy to get plugin crazy, it´s an art to use and not over use. Guess I have to practice;) /c


and first gig was prepared by Anna Bülow, easy to shoot as always. /c

Another old

one but I need the color:) /c

Step up


Another lazy day

hanging out and working on my other blog at A slowly progressing but still progressing project. /c


to put my feet up and continue reading the book about Johan Persson and Matrin Schibbye´s prisontime i Ethiopia. Interesting and scary how regimes can behave, not only dictatorships but even them we call democracies. If you haven´t read it you can find it here or […]

A day off

and spent the day writing on some texts that gonna go up on my new analog photography blog, peakmoment, when they are ready. Abecita have vernissage today on two exhibitions, Sandra Freij and Mats Andersson. It´s gonna be interesting to see these two kind of […]