Arkiv (månadsvis): mars 2013

In need

of new wallpaper? My kitchen are still under construction and old wallpaper fashion are reviled. From Black with gold to bright blue, fashion changes during a couple of hundred years. /c


Easter and my mothers 75:e birthday. /c

I have a buddy

in the woods. Never say no to have his photo taken. /c

I posted

this one, or a other version in color and from a Nikon D3s. This one are from a Voigtlander R2m rangefinder loaded with TriX 400, analog film if you don´t get it. I have always been a fan of monochrome black and white. When you […]


are coming close. A time for gathering and food and here I´m with no kitchen. Gonna be like this for the coming three weeks, will be great when it´s ready. Until then, pizza time;) /c


for the last days of monochrome posts. /c

What a mess

it can be. /c

The day

when Palme went for a movie Sweden began to change, or rather it was a sign of a change. To the better? I would say no. Maybe the hole world was going in that direction. It´s not because Palme choose a bad movie but there […]


out a store and office today. Looked good, white walls and enough space for equipment but will it be long enough for shooting? /c

I have

come to a place where it´s time to decide what direction to take. I have until now had my office at home and with my crazy work hours it has not been any time to ”be at home”. Two hours and 100 km in car […]