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My friend Erkki

at Neva Books are working on a tiny tower project and today I spotted one that he had missed. Feels good to help a friend:) /c

Getting ready

for a new week. Booked all days for shoots in Gothenburg. /c


have been popular for a long time and now the use of artistic tape show up almost everywhere. I like it, keep my bohemic heart bumping;) My days are filled with interior photography, every day. But every day I also meet people, nice ones, not […]

I have launched

another blog. On this site I´m soon up in 1400 posts, mixing my digital work with my analog. My new site are mostly for my analog life, and as I think that are in it´s peak moment the site will be found on peakmoment.se. As […]

A day at the museum

with my grandson. Fun and extra fun that he finds it interesting to. ALERT!!! The news are spreading. Fuji are going to discontinue the last Black&White packfilm, if this is true, and everything point in that direction there will be no more Fuji FP3000B. The Phoblographer […]


from the street art scene in Barcelona just before the random taggers hit the wall. Binty Bint and zems in a co op. Lots of color but for me it works in b&w as well. /c


coming up, things on the list and some creativity have to mix in the best way. /c


are everything, or as Henri Cartier-Bresson said, the decisive moment. If I had wait another millisec before pushing the shutter I would have been very pleased with this picture. Why show it if it´s not good`It´s my way of punishing my self;) /c


back to my own car. Habits are hard to break, did get a loaner while mine was at service. A small one, sitting close to the road are not what I´m use to, can’t see what happens in front of me and when a pickup […]


until late today. The blue light are there for 15 minutes and then it´s black. I hope I got it. /c