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they came. Today I did see three flying in formation. /c

Scoope of today

Rest from the past.

A day at the coast


Like a dog

running in the streets in search for food. Thats how I feel it when I walk the streets, no destination just walking without a plan. It´s a good way if you got the time, at home there is always a lot of must do but […]

Day 3

and a bit worn out. Have done a a lot the last couple of days and it starts to feel in my body, vacation is a tough one to handle. /c


film are not the most predictable. It has an esthetic charm to it with muted colors but there is no way to know beforehand what you will get. And of course thats one part och the charm. This is Fuji FP-100C expired in 2009 and […]


all day long. /c

Found me

a new piece of bone today that will come in handy some day. Many projects in my head, growing and waiting for execution. /c

Jaw dropping

final in women’s European Championship. Spain did it with one point and this is basketball when it is the best, refined, exciting and full of emotions. But the best of all, when the all star team was called up there was two players from Spain, two from […]

I´m in need

of a haircut, it could be worse but when you need it you need it. But now it´s game time , Sweden vs France. Another historic game. /c