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Lights are on

for weekend mood. /c

Home from a trip

to Copenhagen. Nice town for a bicycle ride. /c

Today there

are mostly apartments on the docks of Eriksberg, Gothenburg. On some places the artwork tell the story of what the place was like before. /c

Getting ready

for a new week. Booked all days for shoots in Gothenburg. /c

Hour after hour

chasing something special but it was hard to find. All over town and every ware I stopped there was things uglifying my shots. Life is hard but if you have´t tried you have´t done anything to reach your goal. Strawberry anyone? /c


by Gert Wingårdh, like an extension of the stone wall the houses rises above. I have shoot two of the group before but never one on this side. I think it´s this side that make them interesting. /c

I night of sleep

and then 2015 starts off with a couple of fully booked weeks. Two shoots a day, five days a week and I had just started to like the free days of holidays. /c

Another view

from the hotel in Sthlm. /c


for a week loaded with work in Gothenburg. /c