Arkiv (månadsvis): februari 2013

It´s hard

some days to get it right. The goal are there but the execution isn´t. The best to do is to remember how the problem was solved, ad it to the bag of experience coz it´s not rock´n roll every day. /c


when I edit my pictures it is on a calibrated Eizo monitor. I have my MacBookPro hooked up to it in my office, but when I work out on location the MBP goes with me and I work on it where ever I am. Ambient […]






to decide what direction to take and asking a girl have never helped me;) Basketball game today. Playoff in Basketligan Dam and the first game in the region between Mark and Kvarnby. Hard and tight but in the end did Mark manage to take a […]

It´s a dogs

world. /c


view. /c


some energy together, or at least try to. Have a hard period in front of me so I need all energy and inspiration I can get. /c


in a row   /c


season is her. It means that spring is not far away. I´m adding up signs, Amarone, tulips, sone it will be picnic in the park;) /c