Arkiv (månadsvis): december 2012

With a remote

in my hand I end this year with my self in the frame together with 4 of my 6 kids and 2 grandkids. Happy new Year, 2013 gonna be the best 2013 ever:) /c

It´s soon

time to close the gate for 2012. I think this year have been the best for my business so far, it´s been stabile with no signs of down periods. Some new client but most important no loss of clients. Yes I have been working my […]


on display. There is to little print with digital. Maybe thats why I like instant photography. Fuji and The Impossible Project do there best to keep it alive, I support it the best I can. /c

Just one

of those days. Nothing to say, I can hear the silence. /c

I have had it

on my to-do list for many, many years. Paris. Today Anna Bülow got me thinking of it again. When would be the best time of the year for a trip to Paris? /c


will do just fine as a background. /c

And today

it´s time to say Merry Christmas to family and friends around the world who celebrate Christmas Day. /c

Merry Christmas


The day before

and everything is ready for family gathering. Snow storm outside but candles and warm fire inside, it´s christmas time. /c

Miss Li and I was talking

the other day, not Miss Li famous from the stage, Li my friend. We both sleep to little and when its time we think to much and can´t relax enough to fall in sleep. An idea comes to mind and thats not an easy thing […]