Arkiv (månadsvis): oktober 2013

Washing up

by the window. Nice! /c


and a tea break. /c

It was a bumpy ride

at todays shoot. Wind, rain and hail. A bit of snow and the day had been completed. /c

A storm

are coming in my direction, he got a big fan the man up there. Heavy winds and tomorrow I have a penthouse to shoot. 10 floors up right by the coastline. Wonder whats left for me;) /c


or not. /c

Some houses

takes forever to edit. It´s hard to say enough, there are always something more to do. /c

One last job

to edit and then I will take some time for my analog project. Lots of film, 35 and 120, from my trip to Barcelona are waiting in the cooler. It´s exiting, my gut feeling are that I have some nice shots. Reality will show when […]

At an angel

but still the same theme. /c


bed straight on, it is that kind of week I guess. /c


and not much to say. /c