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around. /c

A bit

worn out. /c

It was a bumpy ride

at todays shoot. Wind, rain and hail. A bit of snow and the day had been completed. /c

Packing my things

for a trip to Barcelona, just the essentials;) /c

Found me

a new piece of bone today that will come in handy some day. Many projects in my head, growing and waiting for execution. /c

I have a buddy

in the woods. Never say no to have his photo taken. /c

The day

when Palme went for a movie Sweden began to change, or rather it was a sign of a change. To the better? I would say no. Maybe the hole world was going in that direction. It´s not because Palme choose a bad movie but there […]


have a picture search feature where you can search and see if and where your pictures are present on the web. Nice, so I tried with one of my black and whites. And yeah that search engine really did it, but who the hell is […]

Going through

some memories. Seems far but it will soon be that time of year again. /c


fick jag det att fungera. Har provat olika filmhållare till min skanner och den jag gillade bäst, Digitaliza från Lomography, gav inte skarpa bildfiler. Taskig kombination, eller hur;) Eftersom skannra lider av ett extremt kort skärpedjup fick jag experimentera med distanser för att hitta rätt […]