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The sun was shining

over the city today:) /c

Time is a factor

when travel by tram. /c

The sea comes next




Home from a trip

to Copenhagen. Nice town for a bicycle ride. /c


an old job, a new one will be pitched and old pictures come to use again. /c

The view

when the vikings came home. /c

I night of sleep

and then 2015 starts off with a couple of fully booked weeks. Two shoots a day, five days a week and I had just started to like the free days of holidays. /c

I´m not only a photographer

I`m also a sawmill owner to be, maybe. The last couple of day have been spent building our new sawmill. 20 boxes and 1000 part to put together. I had a plan but Schenkers slow delivery and two days of storm have put me behind […]

Another view

from the hotel in Sthlm. /c