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back to my own car. Habits are hard to break, did get a loaner while mine was at service. A small one, sitting close to the road are not what I´m use to, can’t see what happens in front of me and when a pickup […]


around. /c

A bit

worn out. /c

Washing up

by the window. Nice! /c

It was a bumpy ride

at todays shoot. Wind, rain and hail. A bit of snow and the day had been completed. /c

A storm

are coming in my direction, he got a big fan the man up there. Heavy winds and tomorrow I have a penthouse to shoot. 10 floors up right by the coastline. Wonder whats left for me;) /c

Packing my things

for a trip to Barcelona, just the essentials;) /c

My new office

got a small shooting space for minor tabletop work. No big productions but a place to works some stilleben out. Have to do something about the light, that a hard part. Not only for this little table, in general light are an art form in […]

Day 3

and a bit worn out. Have done a a lot the last couple of days and it starts to feel in my body, vacation is a tough one to handle. /c


film are not the most predictable. It has an esthetic charm to it with muted colors but there is no way to know beforehand what you will get. And of course thats one part och the charm. This is Fuji FP-100C expired in 2009 and […]