Arkiv (månadsvis): februari 2014

Heavenly theme



put together by Anna Bülow. /c

The popular

color of white. Are white a color or lack of it? Styling by Anna Bülow. /c



Left my truck

at the garage and got a loaner to drive when waiting. A Caddy, VW model kind of the same as my old Berlingo from Citroen. What a tin can. Can´t remember that the Berling was as noisy as this one, or have I been spoiled […]



Archive cropping



some interesting documentaries, well spent time if you ask me:) /c

You can always

find one interesting picture where ever you are. I think so but it´s up to me to decide what, you may think different and thats all right. To think different keeps new things happen. /c


and the fog was like milk all day in my part of the world. Hard for exteriors. /c