Arkiv (månadsvis): augusti 2013

A day

of harvest and preparation for winter. Grapes picked and wine on the way, firewoods inside and ready to warm the house, it´s autumn. /c


light, not a bad thing. One of the most beautiful light there is. /c


times you need it more, some less. But the best are the giving. /c


an extension of the rock. Some times the harmony between building and the place it´s built on are just right. The architect was Wingårdhs and that use to be sign of well done. /c


of space, some needs more then others. /c


posts, one every day. Time goes fast. /c


and tomorrow I will stand waiting for an doctors appointment, first one in five years. Hope I will pass the test. /c  

Flea market

day in Hajom today. As always lots of stuff for sale. /c


and a bit behind. /c

Not only

for growing your food but your mind and soul as well. /c