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First job 2014

was an old one from 2011, the light was good then;) /c

Got some

printing done today. Big black and white pictures from Gothenburg. It´s a test for a interior decoration of a office in town. Must say that a big print are something special. /c

It have been

a couple of days with pictures from Gothenburg. Nice but when I got trough my archive in search of some nice ones for a client I stumbled up on this. A place I have drive past many times and seen the possibility of a great […]

New day

and new game. Today playoff in Basketligan Dam between Kvarnby and Udominate. /c


to decide what direction to take and asking a girl have never helped me;) Basketball game today. Playoff in Basketligan Dam and the first game in the region between Mark and Kvarnby. Hard and tight but in the end did Mark manage to take a […]

Long time

since I was at a basketball game so I and Oliver went to Mölndal for Basketligan Kvarnby-Eos. I really like all the people  down there, always a smile and good energy. Got home with a lot of pictures, will put them up as soon as […]

Went in

to GBG to see the celebrations at Masthuggskyrkan. Got there in time and it was just a few there before us, after a while it was like an invasion. People everywhere, explosions and smoke. It was a cold shit wether but for a while I […]

Just one

of those days. Nothing to say, I can hear the silence. /c

Another day

behind baseline. Today it was Borås Basket against Norrköping Dolphins. A good game for Borås who took the win after a really good game from all player. /c

I´m a skinny guy

and some days I feel extra skinny. But shit the same, I can live with it, at least until I die. Today it was game time in Basketligan Dam. Kvarnby against Solna and it was tight the hole time, Solna manage to take the win […]