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A place

to remember. /c

Lost you way

there are help to find. /c

Old squareful one

or is it to squary? /c

In a collectors

head. /c

Left my truck

at the garage and got a loaner to drive when waiting. A Caddy, VW model kind of the same as my old Berlingo from Citroen. What a tin can. Can´t remember that the Berling was as noisy as this one, or have I been spoiled […]

My stats goes bananas

and I just smile when I get mail from my host about it. One small thing at Japan Camera Hunter and in a couple of minutes it all started. Bellamy really have an impact on peoples behavior, in a good way I will say. I […]

Drive in

and fast food, just do it your way. /c


but no sleeping in the sofa. Let´s use the time we have left down here. /c

One ball

and two team. It´s Camp Nou and FC Barcelona want to send Valencia home morning. Me and Oliver sheer from the shortside with all the fans. /c

I park

my truck at Landvetter Airport, others park their ride behind the sofa. I think thats a good choice;) /c