Arkiv (månadsvis): september 2013

Now I know

where Superman gets his clothes. /c


together: /c

Another pattern

this time man made. Talking about pattern. Today we had a nice gathering with relatives, dinner and talk.  When relatives come together there are also a pattern, same father and you can see the similarities, guess it´s the same if the mother are in common;) It […]

Anti Newton glass

on top of the film when scanning. I ordered some glass from Monochrom in Germany for some test. I´m not that keen on adding surfaces to the process but it can be hard to get 135 film flat enough. A first test scan showed that […]

That crain

again. /c

That crain

again. /c

The sky is the limit

Right? Don´t like to have neighbors to close. There is a place for everything. /c

Count down

Soon will I walk the streets of Barcelona again. Workshop and some of my own projects are the plan. Hope to get a body of work ready for presentation later this winter. /c

Like a kid in a candy store

We all have things we like a little bit extra. No surprise but for me it´s pictures, books and old cameras. So when I ran in to a camera collection today I had one of those moment. A leica M4-P in between a F and […]


city view of Gothenburg. Things happens. /c