Arkiv (månadsvis): juni 2013

Jaw dropping

final in women’s European Championship. Spain did it with one point and this is basketball when it is the best, refined, exciting and full of emotions. But the best of all, when the all star team was called up there was two players from Spain, two from […]


in the valley. /c

That man

Josef Frank really got a grip on the Swedish interior trend. I see his work often enough but it is rare to see anything new, or should I say anything not so common. I meen hi died 1967 so it´s hard for him to come […]

I´m in need

of a haircut, it could be worse but when you need it you need it. But now it´s game time , Sweden vs France. Another historic game. /c


I hate when new software versions don´t go as smooth as the one they replace. Shame Adobe and every one else who don´t do their job before hand. /c


the destination are Alingsås. The fame of that town are potatoes and café, let´s see if thats what I´m gonna shoot or if I´m just gonna hang around having a fun time. /c

It´s not a secret

anymore. The Swedish basketball ladies have one hell of a team and take another historic victory when they beat Slovakia today. Next up France. /c

A book

a glass of wine and a sunny evening at home. Life can be hard but not today;) /c

I have a lot

of film in the refrigerator ready for develop, 35, 120 and 4×5. The coming week seems to be a slow week that I can use to my analog photography, developing and scanning. It take both time and concentration so when I work as I use […]


, strawberrys and rain. /c