Arkiv (månadsvis): november 2012


rubber on the rims so now the winter can come. Makes me sit a bit further up and fills up really well, I´m like a kid in a candy store;) /c

Just a

picture, I lack the time. /c


long day and it´s time for some reading before my eyes close down. Have a fat one, ”Way beyond monochrome”, and it´s a really good one. Geeky, me? Dont´t think so, just wanna know as much as possible:) /c

Lots of C

have take me over the first winter flue. I have always believed that thats the best cure, big C and lots of work. Well if you ask a doctor I think he would not recommend the last part. Celebrate it with a new camera bag, […]

The town

was built by Dutch builders many years ago but even if many of the houses are blown out inside much of the exterior are saved. Have always enjoy cityscapes, the small and the big, have to shoot it more often, just walk around and have […]

Got time

for some developing today. Large format, 4×5, and some 135. Got some more shooting to do before I feel comfortable with the process. Can´t say I´m head on every time;) /c

It was

a girl. My friends Ashley and Karin have been waiting for 9 month and tonight it was the time for a little girl to peek out. I´m so happy for them and know the feeling. Congratulation, I hope you can hear me singing Happy Birthday, […]

The book

that really got me in to reading and writing was Jack by Ulf Lundell. I´m not the only one, that book had a great impact on many, many youngsters. It was with a smile I spotted it today. I can still hear the music, I […]

It´s a girl

thing. Most of my days are together with girls, for girls, and I don´t complain. Not laud anyway, you better pick your fights;) /c

In the middle

of the week at a part of the year that normally are a bit of low season. But there are no sign of low season. Strange branch I work in, when you think you get the system every thing change and make it a bit […]