Arkiv (månadsvis): januari 2013

For many years

I did try to learn one new thing every day. It could be a big thing or just to understand and learn to use a new word. When I started out with Photoshop that was my strategy. Learn one thing and master it, then add […]

Interesting day

with meeting and catching up. No couch for me. Made a visit at Eugén & William, a fine art photography gallery in Gothenburg. Damned that space was really something. Now they had an exhibition with work from one of the owner, Johan Palmborg. Empty street […]

ABC in life is good

A, keep your self around pretty girls. Todays shoot was with Louise, check. B, drive a cool car. My truck smiles at me every day, check. C, get your pocket loaded with cash. Uncheck, I got it all on them fancy cards;) /c

Will use

the time until spring for some studies. Got the material from SFF today for the course ”authorization in digital image delivery”. From what I learn the level of knowledge when it comes to send out correct and good digital image files are really bad among photographers. I […]

New week

coming up. Never know what will show up but I got a hint. One place doesn´t have electricity. Loading up with strobes;) /c

Got a comment

the other day that I retouch my portraits to hard. They look like dolls, they said. Strange, I usually don´t do much skin retouch. Some pimples and other thing but not much else. Must be my lens/lighting combo or envy;) Got a new portrait session […]


as it can be. /c

A bit

of Gothenburg that I use to drive past. A nice little street with hidden treasures. /c

Long time

since I was at a basketball game so I and Oliver went to Mölndal for Basketligan Kvarnby-Eos. I really like all the people  down there, always a smile and good energy. Got home with a lot of pictures, will put them up as soon as […]

Made a visit

today during lunch at the office of one of my favorite interior decorators, Intro Inred. They are so good on what they do and there is a lot fun things coming up, some that involve me and that makes me smile. Sorry that the Caribian […]