Arkiv (månadsvis): maj 2013

May is over

or almost over. Will spend the last hours partying in Marstrand with colleagues and then it´s time for June. /c

Wall art

or another way of putting art on the wall. /c

That time of year

when UPS take a trip to Gunnared with a new computer. My D800 makes massive 36MP files and my MacBookPro have a hard time handle it in the speed I need. It have to go fast so I don´t have to spend every night editing. […]

Red, blue and yellow

todays theme was there, all over the place. /c


I would say horse but who knows, the breeds are many and the artistic freedom have no limits. /c

It dropped

from 1000 down to 350 unique visitors a day when I did less basketball pictures, visitors on my blog My place on the inter web, a place where I have posted one picture a day for +1200 days, every day. I try to post […]


in a childs world, train or plane it´s all a game. /c


the pattern are a good way to make things better. /c

Bread and cheese

what a wonderful combination. The best food there is. /c

Some essentials

are more important then other. Did anyone say food and shelter, forget it;) /c