Arkiv (månadsvis): maj 2014

I can’t remember

when I laughed as I did today. Out riding our Arctic Cat and got stuck in the mud, when trying to get up my grandson got hit by a big splash that painted half of him. That face was priceless:) /c


when you dare to go all in on the walls. /c

Briljant bedroom styling

by Intro Inred. /c


this time of year can be a warm and happy evening or as today  a cold one with frustration that the ball nerver got in to the net. A nice and warm sauna cold at least cure the cold part. /c

At night

it´s a lot of color in Gothenburg harbor. /c

Todays view

the harbor of Gothenburg from a viewpoint not easy to get access to. I will be back for some night shooting later today. /c

Today we vote

for the European Parlament. I hope we get a high % of voters no matter if they vote red, green or blue. Sorry to see that we have parties that stands for intolerance and stupidity, we would have a better Sweden and a better EU […]

Light and nordic


Welcome to my crib


You better love what you do

or at least like it a lot. Here the Anna Bülow way. /c