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when I edit my pictures it is on a calibrated Eizo monitor. I have my MacBookPro hooked up to it in my office, but when I work out on location the MBP goes with me and I work on it where ever I am. Ambient light differ, my working position differ, sometimes sitting on the floor and sometimes with a table or in my lap. Ah, thats why they call it laptop:) To the point, even if I think my pictures look good out there the difference when I´m back at the office are sometimes chocking. Even if my MBP screen are calibrated to the environment makes it hard to get color and contrast right. I edit by number and histogram but almost every time I have to do it again when I see it on the Eizo. Solution? Never buy an Eizo? I don´t think so;)


MavBookAir in GBG

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  1. Publicerad 17 Maj ’14 kl 12:58 | Permalänk

    J’ai pas fini de lire mais je reviens après

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