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is very satisfying, sadly enough I don´t do it that often. But holding a print in my hand are so special. Thats the ultimate way to experience photography. I have seen many photos by big names on the web and in books but it´s first when I have seen it in an exhibition that it really strikes me. What I can remember there is only one time that I did´t get impressed and that was Sally Manns latest on Fotografiska in Sthlm. Don´t know if it was the hanging or the light but I think it was the light that did´t give the photos justice . I talked about it with Hasse Persson who are a great curator and he had the same experience so I guess we are right;)

One of my goals for this year is print more and I will. 2013 are the year of the print, for me at least. Prints and analog photography.

Cant remember when I took a private digital photo. Digital photography are my work but if I work hard enough I hope analog ditto will be my work as well. Todays roll was a 120 Rollei RPX 400 shoot in my Mamiya RZ67, a new film for me so it´s mostly as a test. If it´s good I will have it in my arsenal along side with Kodaks TriX and Tmax. For large format I stay with Fomapan mostly for the price, can´t understand why all Kodaks 4×5 are so highly priced in Sweden. I can get it for half in the US so if I by enough I can take a trip to the Big Apple and get both film and the trip for the price of film in Sweden.



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Christian Johansson i Hajom, Västra Götalands län, SE på Houzz
Christian Johansson i Hajom, Västra Götalands län, SE på Houzz


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