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It´s soon

time to close the gate for 2012. I think this year have been the best for my business so far, it´s been stabile with no signs of down periods. Some new client but most important no loss of clients. Yes I have been working my ass off, but thats how I´m. All or nothing. There is a lot talk going around that 2013 gonna be a hard year for the economy, only time will tell but I think it´s wise prepare for it but hope for the best. I have gone through a couple of crises and my response to bad economy have been full throttle, invest in new gear and finding more work. You can´t expect other to do it for you, treat every one you meet as your next big client and it will come and if it´s not your next client it´s at least good for karma.

For my photography the best have been that I have done a lot of analog photography. Not as much as I wanted, it´s always to little time, but I´m on the track. I think at least 100 rolls have gone thrue my cameras and I have expanded the formats to large format, 4×5. My scanner dose a good job so I hope that 2013 gonna be my 4×5 year. I have a plan and if I can stick to it there gonna be a lot of fun. Talking of fun, 2012 have also been the year I started printing again. Photography are best when you can see the final print on paper and this are going to continue:)


closing the gate 20120929_13-2

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